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Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

That's my way of saying I can't focus on anything in particular. I really don't have anything to say but decided to post anyways.
  • I ran into a tree while trail running at night on Tuesday. Actually, I tripped on a rock/root on a narrow single track and could not react quick enough. I stopped my forward progress with my forearm, creating a new term (for me): Tree Rash - sort of like bark induced road rash. For the record, just as painful.
  • I ran the same trail loop last night...in reverse. That tree has scarred me, emotionally and physically :-)
  • It's hunting season. I dress appropriately. I see hunters, I hear gunshots. Last night I heard at least 15-20 shots in succession. All I could think of was a hunter seeing a deer (briefly) and then firing randomly in the hopes of getting lucky.
  • I swear I heard what sounded like an injured coyote while running at night, on the trails, alone. I wasn't scared but it was a little unnerving. Of course it didn't help that I recently read an article on a coyote attack. Running scared at night through the woods would not have been a good plan and most likely would have got me injured. I stayed calm and finished my run. I even ran the same route last night (although the hunter with the itchy trigger finger probably scared away any living creature for miles).
  • I've averaged 8.2 miles per run since Stonecat, running 5 days a week. >60% have been on trails. I think I got the message at Stonecat: trails are your training friend.
  • I don't know what possessed me to sign up for the Boston Marathon. I'm glad I did. It sold out the week after I signed up.
  • I've never run a race on Thanksgiving Day. That streak may end this year.
  • Mill Cities Relay will be my last race of the 2009 season on December 6th. This will be my first time running on a Coed Masters team.
  • Indoor track starts at the Hampshire Dome on December 8th. I love this track!
  • I Love Woodford will be my 1st race of the 2010 (snowshoe) season on December 27. Boy, that was a short off season :-)
  • The first snowshoe run of last year was December 17th. It can't snow soon enough this year. I can't wait to snowshoe!
  • I ran four 10-mile races and zero 10k races in 2009. When did the 10-miler become so popular?
  • Just once I'd like to have an "*" next to my time in a race. The "*" means you've exceeded the Time Standards for National Rankings in your age-group. It ain't easy. I'd have to run 1:00:00 for 10 miles, 1:19:00 for a half marathon or a 2:45:00 for the marathon, for instance.


Michael said...

Here's a couple of good suggestions for your MCR team name:

"Run or the Coyotes will get you"

or, "The Tree Whisperers"

Karen said...

Hi Steve, I will be joining your on your Mill City team. should be fun :0) Karen Pattelena

Steve Wolfe said...

Karen, I think we have a great team. Looking forward to running with all of you. Let me know if you have any ideas for a team name, otherwise we'll let Mike pick it :-)

GCS said...

I got it!!!

How about "Dances with Wolfe's"?