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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strength of Field

One of the two factors I considered for my snowshoe rankings was Strength of Field (SOF). How competitive was the race up front?  It's kind of a measure of how many fast guys showed up and not how tough the course was.
I've tracked 11 snowshoe races so far. Here's how I ranked them:
Rank Race SOF
1 Woodford 98.64
2 Sidehiller 98.61
3 Feel Good Farm 96.68
4 Brave the Blizzard 95.73
5 Turner Trail 95.69
6 Greylock 95.60
7 Pooh Hill 95.33
8 Beaver Brook 94.67
9 Salem Greene 94.36
10 Curlys 93.49
11 Hoot Toot Whistle 90.47

Anyone who was at Sidehiller this past weekend knows this race was stacked! I was surprised Woodford came up #1. A quick look at the results might explain it. Anyways, just another list to talk about :-)
I'm starting to feel like dd with all these numbers!