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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sidehiller and other Amusing Stuff

Steamed at Sidehiller
I won't spend much time with my Sidehiller Snowshoe Race report. In fact, I won't spend any time on it since I really didn't put up a fight and race. Hands down the single worst snowshoe experience I've had so far. When I reach way down into my bag of excuses I do come up with a decent one - a trip to the doctors the day after confirmed Bronchitis. However, it was still disappointing. I didn't feel that bad at the start but boy did I feel it 10 seconds after we started (and the next 40 minutes and 14 seconds). Moving on to the next one.

In a very short snowshoe season, having 3 weeks in a row of sub par races does not boost my confidence, regardless of the reasons why. January couldn't end fast enough. Lucky for me (and the rest of you apparently), my racing woes have not gone unnoticed. If it wasn't for my teammates, I wouldn't know how bad I've been lately. Gee thanks!

It has inspired some amusing videos, started by Chris Dunn of course. This one is called "Wolfe Searches for Answers".

Of course, after sitting on it for a couple of days I decided to make my own video response. It is called "Chris Dunn as Captain Snowshoe". Enjoy.

Up Next: The Exeter Snowshoe Hullabaloo on Saturday. Please please please let me not stink!