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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


UPDATED: I didn't want to distract from the REAL New England Snowshoe Rankings so I changed the name of my rankings to WOLFE TRACKS. I do this for fun. I like playing with the data. No disrespect was meant towards the GSSS (and Chris Dunn). The work he's done promoting snowshoeing and especially the rankings system he started last year is greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris!
I've added a Snowshoe Rankings page to my blog (upper left-hand column) and will try to keep it updated weekly. I couple of notes about this weeks rankings:
  1. I've only included races from the WMAC and GSSS series so far. I would have included the Vermont race this past weekend but I have yet to find the results. If they ever get posted I'll revise the rankings (if necessary).
  2. Minimum of 3 races required. For now, if you raced more than 3 races I've dropped your lowest score and averaged the rest. After a few more races I may switch to a 'best of 4' or 'best of 5'. Not sure yet which is a better method for scoring.
  3. In addition to the Men and Women Open and Masters divisions I've also included a "top 25 overall". No particular reason, just thought it might be interesting to see how the various divisions rank compared to each other.