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Friday, May 15, 2009

Staying Positive

I've tried to stay positive and patient while dealing with my latest injury. The difficulty increases exponentially each week, especially since this is not an injury that I can run through. Most injuries at least allow you to run a little (reduced mileage) and that is why this one is so frustrating.

With that being said, I have to trust the negative results on my latest tests should be interpreted as some sort of good news (nothing seriously wrong). Still searching for answers, I followed up with my doctor yesterday to review my MRI, and she actually had a slightly different take than the radiologist. She believes I probably tore/strained my oblique muscle (MRI showed fluid buildup in my right oblique).

It doesn't really change anything. Rest is still the medicine I need and reluctantly take each day, as patiently as I can.

Yesterday I did a 10 min test run on the treadmill. I ran generally pain free and stopped after 10 minutes. Progress I suppose. My side is sore today but at least this time it didn't hurt during the run. I see signs of improvement (ever so slight), but realistically know I probably have at least another 4 weeks of rest before I can even think about running.
For now I have plan and with that I can stay a bit more positive then I've been in the past.