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Downtown Temple,NH

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bradford Valentine 5M Race

I was a little nervous today heading out on the roads for a race. It's not like a had a choice. Snowshoe racing has come to a screeching halt in the Northeast. Right now, my comfort is definitely on the snow. I kind of like the fact that pace isn't all consuming on snowshoes. You race hard. Period.
Road racing is different. Pace is EVERYTHING. What were your splits? What was your pace? It is all consuming and I'm no different then the next guy. I love this stuff!! I'm just a little out of practice and it makes me nervous, that's all.
I needed a test of fitness and the Bradford Valentine 5M Race (results) would do just fine. They actually have a 5M and a 6k race at the same time. Both start together on the same course for nearly a mile, then the 6k breaks off for a bit before joining up with the 5M course again at the 3 mile point and both finish together. How friggin strange is that?