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Friday, November 20, 2009

2010 NEGP Series - Results are in (and they stink)

Ok, my opinion, but I think they picked the absolute worst possible slate of races.
Slate C was selected, along with the Baystate Marathon. Conflicts with other races and loads of traveling are the highlights. Apparently that's attractive to a large group of runners.

Although I don't agree with the choices, I do like the new voting process (even though we end up with most of the same races). The runners of New England have spoken.

  • Jones Group Realtors 10 Mile, Amherst MA, Sunday Feb. 28
  • New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford MA, Sunday Mar 21
  • Bedford Rotary Memorial 12K, Bedford NH, Saturday May 22
  • Rhody 5K (MEN ONLY) , Lincoln RI , Sunday June 6
  • Stowe 8 Miler, Stowe VT, Sunday July 18
  • Bridge of Flowers 10K , Shelburne Falls MA, Saturday August 14
  • PRMH Women's Classic 5K (WOMEN ONLY), Providence RI, Sunday Oct. 3
  • Baystate Marathon, Lowell MA, Sunday Oct 17
Update (with some positive comments)
Maybe I was too harsh, definitely too negative. So I'll try to say something positive about the selections.
  1. Jones Group 10 Miler - I ran this one in 2009 and actually liked the race. The course is tough (lots of hills, some dirt roads) but fair. I kind of like having a race in February. Not much else going on (except the snowshoe series, of course). The finish is kind of hokey, with a 200m run around a parking lot that kills all momentum.
  2. New Bedford Half Marathon - Potential for being a very fast course. PR'd in 2009. However, fish sandwiches are not the post-race food of choice for me.
  3. Bedford Rotary 12k - Right in my own backyard (9 miles away), and I've only run this race once (but not on the new course). Looking forward to it.
  4. Rhody 5k - I ran this one in 2009. I'm one of the few runners that didn't mind the course. I think it technically does run around the parking lot of Lincoln Park but it never seemed like it to me. Another crappy finish though. Run through a little gate opening, make a 90 degree turn and run 100yds on the dirt dog track. Again, talk about taking all the momentum out of your run. BUT, this race has the hands-down best food of any race I've ever run. There is more food, more selection, more everything than any other race out there. I may go for just the food next year.
  5. Stowe 8 miler - Beautiful area, nice course. I made a weekend out of it with Deb back in 2006. Good thing we did cuz my race was awful. Definitely top 5 worst performances of all time, maybe even #1. My notes from that day said "hot, humid and hard". Oh yeah, I was supposed to be positive. Ok, as bad as my race was, it could have been worse (like Mike Wade's) :-)
  6. Bridge of Flowers 10k - Not sure if I have anything positive to say. I've never run this one, never heard anyone say anything but it's the hardest friggin 10k ever. It has a pretty name.
  7. No comment on the women's only race. It doesn't involve me.
  8. Baystate Marathon - Ran it in 2008 (PR). I liked the course, flat and setup perfectly for running at a consistent pace. Plus, it's 20 minutes from home. Very easy to get in and out of.
There's my attempt at putting a positive spin on next years NEGP series!

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DoubleJ said...

Steve, you will enjoy Bridge of Flowers. I really liked that race in 2008.