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Downtown Temple,NH

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston and Beyond

In 12 days I'll be lining up in Hopkinton for my 2nd attempt at the Boston Marathon (the first being less than memorable). I'm really, really, really trying to not stress about it but the reality is Boston is different. I suppose running any marathon is different. It generally requires a change in your routine and training. I don't like change.
So I've strayed outside my comfort zone and begun my 2 wk taper to Boston. It feels so anti-climatic. Reduced mileage and no races. I know deep down the rest will help. Thankfully I don't have any serious aches or pains just a little racing wear and tear. My goal for Boston is to give a good solid effort and then come out of it in good shape. If all goes well May will be a very busy month for racing. More on that later.