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Downtown Temple,NH

Friday, August 15, 2008

What's Black and White and Spins in Circles?

On my way to work this morning I came upon a van stopped in the road right next to a skunk. There was plenty of room to drive around the skunk (which was alive by the way) so I was somewhat puzzled why the van just sat there. When I pulled up behind the van I could see why. The skunk was right in the middle of the road walking in circles...over and over and over. Well that's odd I thought, until I got a closer look. There was some sort of container (like a small yogurt container) wedged nicely over the skunks head. It was more like something you'd see on America's Funniest Home Videos. The skunk was totally blind going round and round. It made no attempt to remove the container and it made no attempt to do anything other than go in a circle. It was pretty obvious this would not end up well if left unattended.

The women in the van got out and said "we need to do something or the skunk is going to die". Then she asked "do you think it will spray me?" Hmm, good question. As I was getting out of my car to see if I could help out the women reached down (several times) and finally managed to pull the cup off his head. It all worked out in the end. The skunk survived, the women did a nice deed and in the process did not get sprayed.

Now I thought that this was unusual until I saw this posted on YouTube. Apparently skunks aren't very smart.