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Downtown Temple,NH

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The good news is my legs are 100% refreshed. Three days after Boston and I was ready to go!
The bad news is I haven't run a single step since 1pm on Monday (4/19).
Shortly after the marathon I started feeling sick. I've spent a couple of days in bed (boring) watching some of the dumbest TV imaginable and the rest of time basically moping around. After 6 days with seemingly no improvement I broke down and finally went to the doctors. The diagnosis: Bostonitis - the sickness one gets after running a marathon and high-fiving 100's of strangers (mostly kids) when your immune system is weakened. Ok, she called it Bronchitis, whatever.
My guess is I picked up some cooties while riding the T on Friday when I went to get my number in downtown Boston. I hate the city.
Antibiotics, heal me now!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 Boston Marathon Experience

Prior to Monday, I did my best to treat Boston like any other race (mentally). I didn't want to get too worked up about it, and I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself. I really just wanted to have a good race and enjoy the whole Boston experience.  I was well rested, no injuries to speak of and generally felt ok come Monday morning. I slept well, had my usual pre-race breakfast (Dunkin Donuts coffee with a sausage-egg-cheese on an english muffin if you really had to know) and headed down to the 99 restaurant in Nashua for the Gate City club bus. No stress, no worries. Our bus parked right at the athletes village in Hopkinton, arriving around 8:30am.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekend Racing - NOT

Sure, I would have loved to do some racing this past weekend. Surprisingly, I did the right thing and opted not to race, choosing to head out with the camera instead.
Little did I know I'd become part of history at the Rivah (aka the Merrimack River 10m Trail Race). Turns out this out/back race had more photographers per mile than any race in history. No less than 6 different folks took at least 2,388 photos. I had no idea, as I drove directly to an access road approximately 2 miles in. So if you raced and can't find a good picture of yourself, you have other problems :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston and Beyond

In 12 days I'll be lining up in Hopkinton for my 2nd attempt at the Boston Marathon (the first being less than memorable). I'm really, really, really trying to not stress about it but the reality is Boston is different. I suppose running any marathon is different. It generally requires a change in your routine and training. I don't like change.
So I've strayed outside my comfort zone and begun my 2 wk taper to Boston. It feels so anti-climatic. Reduced mileage and no races. I know deep down the rest will help. Thankfully I don't have any serious aches or pains just a little racing wear and tear. My goal for Boston is to give a good solid effort and then come out of it in good shape. If all goes well May will be a very busy month for racing. More on that later.