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Downtown Temple,NH

Friday, April 10, 2009

Trail Runs and Another Race

I hit the trails the last two days hoping to give my legs a break with some softer surfaces to run on. So far so good, with 6.5 pain free miles in Horse Hill yesterday and nearly 7 more today in Mine Falls. My only real complaint is I still feel a little rundown, not quite tired and not quite fatigued.

So my solution to get out of this rut? Run another race of course! My plan is to head over to Andover,MA in the morning for the Merrimack River 10 Mile Trail Race. I'm not expecting much and may even take it a little easier than normal (no, I can't imagine not running all out 100% but maybe I'll give it a try).

After this weekend I'll have a couple of weeks with no racing so I'll have plenty of time to rest up.