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Monday, February 1, 2010

MA/NH Snowshoe Rankings - (Wolfe Formula) UPDATED

NOTE: rankings have been updated. I think I fixed all the spelling errors in the results.

Rankings are always good for discussion (or arguments). I love checking out the rankings done each week by Chris Dunn (Northeast Snowshoe Rankings) and Dave Dunham (Northeast Masters).
Chris uses a top secret formula to come up with his rankings, with a minimum of 3 races (I think).
Dave uses his intuition based on his familiarity with the racers, with a minimum of 2 races.

Generally, I think Dave does a fair job in ranking. The 'eye' test works well in snowshoe ranking. However, I value what Chris does as well. It would be nice to have a formula to rank folks...fairly and accurately. The fact is, not all racers race head to head very often. With so many choices nowadays, it's hard to really tell how folks would do against each other. This is where the 'eye' test fails (somewhat). The more folks race, the better Chris's rankings become (in my opinion). I wanted to extend the rankings to include a few more folks.