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Downtown Temple,NH

Monday, January 4, 2010

Kingman Farm Soldout - Good or Bad?

Well, 3 days after registration opened, the Kingman Farm Moonlight Snowshoe race has SOLD OUT. All 125 spots have been filled. Who would have guessed a snowshoe race selling out....in 3 days (other than Chris Dunn)???

I suppose it's good because it shows that Chris and acidotic RACING really know how to organize a unique and fantastic event. In two short seasons it has become the highlight of the local snowshoe racing season for a heck of a lot of folks. I dare you to find one negative comment from anyone concerning this race.

Of course the bad is it may have become too popular. I know a few snowshoe veterans liked the low-key, smallish crowds that historically made up a typical snowshoe race. For some, bigger isn't always better. Me personally, I welcome the growth and local interest in snowshoeing and snowshoe racing. Well run events are always going to be popular (and probably sellout), whether it's a snowshoe race, road race, trail race or relay race. However, I may have been telling  a different story if I didn't get into Kingman!