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Saturday, November 29, 2008

2009 New Hampshire Grand Prix Series

Ok, here are the NHGP races for 2009. The series is supposed to be a friendly competition between NH running clubs but historically only a few clubs actively participate (Gate City Striders, Greater Derry Track Club and Granite State Racing Team). I think the other clubs are:
- Rochester Runners Club
- New Hampshire Athletic Alliance
- White Mountain Milers
- Monadnock Regional Milers
- Coastal Athletic Alliance

Personally I've only run 3 of the 7 races: Great Bay, Foothealth and Moose on the Loose and only enjoyed 2 of these. So who exactly picks these races anyways? 5/7 races have basically less than 100 finishers. Why not pick races most of us are already going to? I'm not sure I understand the logic of the selection process. Oh well.

My prediction for 2009: Greater Derry Track Club (GDTC) will win the series.

Great Bay Half Marathon- Sunday April 5th, Newmarket
  • 1,114 finishers in 2008
  • Yankee Timing
Foothealth 5K - Saturday May 2nd, Derry
  • 70 finishers in 2008
  • New England Timing
Smuttynose 5K- Sunday June 7th, Newmarket
  • 641 finishers in 2008
  • Yankee Timing
St Anne's 5M - Saturday July 25th, Hampstead
  • 104 finishers in 2008
  • Granite State Race Services
Moose on the Loose 10M - Sunday August 23rd, Nashua
  • 93 finishers in 2008
  • Yankee Timing
Alliance Against Cancer 5k - Saturday September 12th, Manchester
  • 103 finishers in 2008
  • Granite State Race Services
Fall Foliage 5M - Saturday October 10th, Warner
  • 79 finishers in 2008
  • Granite State Race Services

On a side note:
While checking the above races for 2009 websites, I saw a blurb on the Great Bay website about a new timing chip for 2009 called the Chronotrack D-Tag. It's a disposable timing chip that still attaches to your shoe but doesn't have to be returned and is lighter. My initial thought is although it's neat, I think it really benefits the race director and not the runner. The tag is part of the Bib so they don't have to worry about matching bibs with timing chips and they don't have to worry about runners forgetting to return them. The runner still has to attach it to their shoe and I doubt most of us would notice the the weight savings of the paper chip vs those weighty ChampionChips. They also claim the new chip is easier to attach to your shoe as well. I've watched the video, I personally think lacing my shoelace through the ChampionChip is easier. From a runners point of view the perfect solution would keep the chip fully incorporated in the Bib and not have to tie anything to my shoe. Now that would be sweet.

Below is a link to a PDF showing how the new chip is used. I also attached a video showing essentially the same thing.

Chronotrack D-Tag instructions