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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running and Racing

Well I completed my first full week of running last week, 35 miles total (5 days of running). Like any good runner, I probably jumped in a little too fast and did more than I should have. By the end of the week my legs were tired and heavy. Live and learn, light on the learn.

Things I did learn last week:
  • My endurance did not suffer too much, surprisingly.
  • My easy pace is roughly what it was before I got injured (with a slightly higher heartrate)
  • My speed is essentially gone compared to what it was.
So I guess I need to find a nice slow, long race to run, right? Um no, I'll be heading to Lincoln, RI this weekend for the Rhody 5k, part of the USATF New England Grand Prix series. Talk about a humbling experience. Yikes! Hopefully I'll be able to score a few points for my team (if I'm lucky).

For the first time in a long time I actually added a couple of races to my race schedule (as opposed to deleting them for the last few weeks). I've penciled in the Bow Lake Dam 15k on June 13th and the Exeterra 10M Trail Race on June 20th.