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Downtown Temple,NH

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The good news is my legs are 100% refreshed. Three days after Boston and I was ready to go!
The bad news is I haven't run a single step since 1pm on Monday (4/19).
Shortly after the marathon I started feeling sick. I've spent a couple of days in bed (boring) watching some of the dumbest TV imaginable and the rest of time basically moping around. After 6 days with seemingly no improvement I broke down and finally went to the doctors. The diagnosis: Bostonitis - the sickness one gets after running a marathon and high-fiving 100's of strangers (mostly kids) when your immune system is weakened. Ok, she called it Bronchitis, whatever.
My guess is I picked up some cooties while riding the T on Friday when I went to get my number in downtown Boston. I hate the city.
Antibiotics, heal me now!!