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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snowshoe Racing in the News

It's not often you see an article on snowshoe racing but what are the chances you'd see TWO in the same day?

The Boston Globe did an article on snowshoe racing today, interviewing several of the fast guys (Jim Johnson, Ben Nephew, Kevin Tilton and Bob Jackman) following last weeks Pooh Hill Snowshoe Scramble. Funny, no one interviewed the guy that came in 8th?? Hmmmm.

Part two of the daily double was written by aR teammate Geoff Cunningham and can be found in today's edition of Fosters.  This one features lots of acidotic racers including Chris Dunn, Ri Fahnestock, Sarah Silverberg and Gary Reuter and even has a call out to our favorite race photographer-turned snowshoe racer, Scott Mason (even though the link to his photos was wrong).

Now if we can only get some snow around here!!!!!