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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mine Falls Park Ice Out

I've been running in Mine Falls for several weeks now. Mostly I've been running the 5 mile trail race course used by GCS during the summer trail series. Each time I go out the trails get a little better. A few weeks back I'd say about 80% was either pure ice or at least snow covered. Now it's down to about 10-20% ice and snow covered, a very doable trail run. I brought my camera along this time and stopped a few times to take some pics.

Gate House entrance to Mine Falls.

Main trail along the canal on Mill Pond coming in from Stello's Stadium. Most of the trail from the Gate House down to the 1st canal bridge is still snow covered.

Single track just east of RT3 which runs along the fence, down to the Nashua River. The river trail was in decent shape and most is easily runnable. The snow is gone in most spots with just a couple areas of snow which can easily be avoided.

River trail along the Nashua River on the north side of the park. One of the few areas along the river trail that is still snow covered.

Looking east from the Wipple St bridge. Trail appears to be clear although I haven't run the entire loop yet.

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