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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1st Race of the Year - April 6th 2008

Signed up for the Great Bay 1/2 Marathon today. Race is on April 6th in Newmarket, NH. I checked with a couple friends who ran it last year and they generally liked the race so I'll give it a go. I wish I had a better feeling about my conditioning, especially over long distance. My long run to date has only been 10.5 miles but I've run several runs over 1+hrs.
I did a lot of snowshoe running over the winter along with 4 races so I'd hope my conditioning was decent. I'd probably be better off running a 5k since I probably have decent speed, but I HATE 5k's. I think the hardest part of running a 1/2 marathon at this point is trying to figure out what pace to run at. I know where I'd 'like' to be (around 6:30's) but I don't realistically think I'm there yet. I've only been over 30 miles in a week once all year (I think). I may try for 6:45's to start and see how it feels for a few miles and take it from there.

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