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Friday, July 23, 2010

Ultimate Runner, Ultimate Consistency

Near the finish of the 5k...painful.
Wednesday night was our annual Ultimate Runner night at track (results). Our club puts on a age and gender graded competition during the break between spring and fall outdoor track sessions. The competition consists of running a 400m, 800m, 1 mile and 5k race all in one night. On paper it seems kind of fun, in reality it's much harder than it looks. I wrote about Ultimate Runner in more detail last year if you're interested
Once again temps were in the low 90's and sunny (sound familiar?). Have I mentioned this is my least favorite weather to run in? Probably. Anyways, nothing outstanding to write about this year. I took it easy (relatively speaking) in the shorter events, hoping to have a decent 5k. Long story short, I got a stomach cramp shortly after the 1st mile in the 5k and really struggled just to finish. Not sure if it was heat related or not. Legs were fine.

So, not a great night but I'm glad I did it anyways. Lots of fast masters out there! I thought the interesting part was comparing my times from last year to this year. Almost scary consistent, which at my age I should be grateful for!

2009 2010

Actual Actual
400m 01:07 01:08
800m 02:31 02:32
1M 05:34 05:27
5k 19:06 19:08

2009 2010

Age Graded Age Graded
400m 01:00 01:00
800m 02:16 02:16
1M 05:05 04:57
5k 17:44 17:37

Last year I finished 5th overall, this year I finished 4th. In three more years I should win this thing!

Photo credit - Jim Rhoades from Coolrunning


Michael said...

Nice job old man!

s p running said...

very well done!

Steve Wolfe said...

Thanks guys. I"ll try harder next year!