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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekend Racing - NOT

Sure, I would have loved to do some racing this past weekend. Surprisingly, I did the right thing and opted not to race, choosing to head out with the camera instead.
Little did I know I'd become part of history at the Rivah (aka the Merrimack River 10m Trail Race). Turns out this out/back race had more photographers per mile than any race in history. No less than 6 different folks took at least 2,388 photos. I had no idea, as I drove directly to an access road approximately 2 miles in. So if you raced and can't find a good picture of yourself, you have other problems :-)

Someone spots me in the bushes!
Finally, free from photographers...ah crap, another one!
Richie Blake, dressed like it's December
"You're the 5th photographer I've seen"
Back to the bushes...
The rest of my photos can be found here. Most were taken around mile 2.5 or 8.5.

You can also find photos
here (Scott Mason)
here (Dave Dunham)
here (Jamie Doucett)
here (Krissy Kozlosky
here (Jim Johnson)

I jumped on the motorcycle and headed down to Nashua to take some pics at the 1st race in the New Hampshire Grand Prix series - the Nashua Soup Kitchen 10K (results). I didn't spot any other photographers. I'm still fairly new at this photography thing. Unfortunately I had a lot of pics that were blurry so I didn't get everyone. Maybe next time!
Rich Smith leading the pack at 3.5 miles

Justin Platt flying up Manchester St.
GCS and GDTC battling it out
Gate City Striders having way too much fun!

The rest of the photos can be found here.

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