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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston and Beyond

In 12 days I'll be lining up in Hopkinton for my 2nd attempt at the Boston Marathon (the first being less than memorable). I'm really, really, really trying to not stress about it but the reality is Boston is different. I suppose running any marathon is different. It generally requires a change in your routine and training. I don't like change.
So I've strayed outside my comfort zone and begun my 2 wk taper to Boston. It feels so anti-climatic. Reduced mileage and no races. I know deep down the rest will help. Thankfully I don't have any serious aches or pains just a little racing wear and tear. My goal for Boston is to give a good solid effort and then come out of it in good shape. If all goes well May will be a very busy month for racing. More on that later.
I've been trying to get a new pair of shoes for Boston for some time now. I knew what I wanted (Asics Speedstar 4) but for whatever reason size 8.5 is either very popular or not popular at all because it's one of the only sizes not available at Running Warehouse. So I decided to try something new and ordered the Mizuno Musha 2's. Well they arrived today so I took them for a spin. Wow! I love these shoes. They are probably the best fitting shoes I've ever worn. Seriously, they fit like a slipper, and at 8oz with decent support, they are perfect for the 1/2 marathon and beyond. Great find!

Ok, beyond Boston things start getting busy (if all goes well).

April 25 - Reds Shoe Barn 5M in Dover (2nd race in the NHGP)
May 1 - Foothealth 5k in Derry (3rd race in the NHGP)
May 2 - Seven Sisters 12m Trail Race
May 8 - Big Lake 1/2 Marathon
May 16 - Soapstone 23k Trail Race
May 30 - Pineland Farms 25k Trail Race
June 6 - Pack Monadnock 10m
June 19 - Mt Washington Road Race

Here's to a healthy Spring!


Jim Hansen said...

You'll do fine Steve, but you remind me a bit of Ryan Hall announcing your next races before you even complete Boston!

Why aren't you racing in the Hyperspeeds?

Steve Wolfe said...

Comparing me to Ryan Hall? That's insulting (for Ryan) :-)

I've wore the Hyperspeeds in the half and the 20 miler. My foot moves around in them too much and I tend to get blisters. If I didn't get these shoes I would have worn the Hyperspeeds though.

Danny Ferreira and Amber Cullen said...

Good Luck Steve,
All that snowshoeing has made you strong. We know you're going to do awesome!

Mike Merra said...

Good luck Steve, Hope to see you over at the Strider gathering at the Hotel Buckminster in Kenmore Square after the race. Please leave a few beers for us late finishers.

Anonymous said...


I would love to know if you have a race plan at all? What your pre-race, during, post nutrition might look like? Any post-race recovery you will do?


Steve Wolfe said...

Anonymous, I'll tell you my plan when you tell me your name.

Miles Grimshaw said...

Sorry, meant to select the name one :)

Steve Wolfe said...

Miles, feel free to send me an email. I don't mind sharing but would rather not share via the comments page.