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Downtown Temple,NH

Monday, March 1, 2010

36th Annual Jones Group Realtors 10 Mile Race (USATF)

The first race of the 2010 NE-USATF Grand Prix Series (results) brought me to Amherst,MA this weekend with family in tow. I raced here last year and did pretty well (for me). It's a tough 10-miler with lots of hills and running consistent splits is out of the question. In fact, checking your watch is only going to frustrate you. The delta between my fastest and slowest mile was over a minute. Surprisingly I like this course.
I did a minimalist warm up of about 2 miles and then headed back to the truck to get ready. We parked about 50m from the start so it was pretty convenient. I asked Deb to take some pics at the start so she headed down a ways with the kids to setup shop.

These USATF races are stacked so I seeded myself pretty deep in the pack, right next to Mike Wright and Paul Doe. Last year I struggled on the hills in mile 3 and 4 so my plan this year was to go out a bit easier. Boy, was it easier. Too easy in fact but I didn't panic and just settled in until I could get some running room. By mile 2 I was running comfortably with Paul Doe nearby. He eventually would go by in mile 3 but I kept him in my sights. Last year it felt like I was passed by people the entire race, this year was just the opposite. I was picking people off the entire race. The hills went by pretty quick and fortunately the dirt road wasn't icy this year...just muddy.
Near the finish
I stopped checking my watch after 3 miles. Like I said, it just frustrates you because your pace varies so much on this course. I just focused on the guy/girl in front of me and tried to reel in the next runner. That was my plan for the race. I passed Paul Doe and shortly after, John Pajer (CMS) during mile 7 and 8 and just kept hammering. Deep down I was hoping to get close to an hour. That would be a huge PR but I didn't want to look at my watch and put any additional pressure on me. I was running as hard as I could and that's all I could do.
photo credit - KrissyK (The glare)
This is one race where it really helps to know the course. I was prepared for the hills and knew about the 'false' finish. You actually run by the finish line before doing a 200m loop and head back across the line. As I came around the last corner I could see the clock in the distance show just over 60 minutes. Cool. I ran the last 100m as fast as I could, passing a runner just prior to the finish line. I remember her glaring at me as I went by and Kristen caught the action. It is a race after all. No hard feelings...

I finished in 1:00:25 (6:02 pace), good for 94th overall and a new PR by over 2 minutes.
First 5 miles  30:56
Last 5 miles   29:29
Always happy to negative split any race.

Splits for the day:
Mile 1     6:09
Mile 2     5:34
Mile 3     6:23
Mile 4     6:33
Mile 5     6:17
Mile 6     5:52
Mile 7     5:32
Mile 8     6:03
Mile 9     5:48
Mile 10   6:14

Deb took some pics of the start and also got a few of the Gate City Striders finishing up.
Pics from Start
Random Striders

Additional pics can be found here:

Ben, me, Jess after the race

Gate City Striders had a great showing with 41 runners.

43Rich Smith40M0:57:0205:43Enfield, NH
65Todd Callaghan40M0:58:1805:50Somerville, MA
94Steve Wolfe45M1:00:2506:03Merrimack, NH
118Randy Macneill48M1:01:4606:11Epping, NH
134Michael Wright42M1:03:0706:19Milford, NH
209Karen Pattelena41F1:08:0506:49Hollis, NH
219Ken Snow54M1:08:2806:51Nashua, NH
227Bonnie Ritchotte37F1:08:5906:54Littleton, NH
235Chuck Landry54M1:09:5807:00Plainfield, NH
237Justin Platt44M1:10:0207:01Amherst, NH
238Trevor Ward60M1:10:0407:01Merrimack, NH
260Rich Stockdale59M1:11:2207:09Mason, NH
264Cassie Wright14F1:11:2907:09Milford, NH
268Karen Long44F1:11:4907:11Nashua, NH
275Tammy Gaffey42F1:12:1207:14Pepperell, MA
283Tom Kolb54M1:12:4007:16Merrimack, NH
306Jim Velino49M1:13:4007:22Amherst, NH
310Jim Belanger55M1:13:4707:23Nashua, NH
312Joe Noonan65M1:13:5307:24Lexington, MA
335Milt Schumacher65M1:15:2707:33Northscituate, RI
354Carla Chandler44F1:16:3107:40Plainfield, NH
360Jim Long36M1:16:4307:41Lunenburg, MA
364David Contrada52M1:16:5907:42Nashua, NH
376Janice Platt44F1:17:4707:47Amherst, NH
378Azeddine Jakib44M1:17:5107:48Nashua, NH
379John Lewicke62M1:17:5307:48Mason, NH
387Lisa Klasman46F1:18:3107:52Hollis, NH
401Sue Donovan42F1:19:1307:56Billerica, MA
412Damian Rowe56M1:19:5508:00Wilton, NH
414Alison Findon38F1:19:5908:00Enfield, NH
439Denny Leblanc67M1:21:4908:11Nashua, NH
440Oliver McMahon57M1:21:5208:12Nashua, NH
446Paul Joyce52M1:22:1808:14Milford, NH
472Laura Joyce41F1:23:3108:22Milford, NH
543Aline Kenney61F1:29:3608:58Nashua, NH
612Emily Strong60F1:36:3409:40Nashua, NH
647Laura Rallis39F1:41:0110:07Amherst, NH
658Jennifer Vincent36F1:43:4210:23Bedford, NH
664Terry Kenney69M1:47:1510:44Nashua, NH
681Suzanne Long53F1:56:5811:42Nashua, NH
682Jennifer Mack36F1:57:0411:43Milford, NH


Dan said...

Ha, if looks could kill that would hsve been your last race!

Jim Hansen said...

Nice long stride in that first picture for such short legs!