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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tempo Run and 5" of Snow

The bad news: we got 5" of snow today (March 28th). Although I had a great winter snowshoeing, I really really really want to move on. When the heck will this stuff go away?

The good news: I had a nice tempo run in the gym this morning on the treadmill. After a 5 min easy warm up, I did 20 minutes at about 6:25 pace. HR was around 170. It felt really good though, comfortably hard, just like it should. I finished up with 5 minute cool down. I'm feeling much better about my speed, at least for shorter distances. Not sure how it will translate into 1/2 marathon speed, but I'll find out next weekend.

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Jim Hansen said...

Hi Steve,
Good to see you up and blogging. I don't have any races planned yet.