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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Not to Run Mt Washington

10 The lottery is fixed. To me a lottery implies an equal chance for all. I'm not convinced.
9 Running back down shouldn't be faster than driving down.
8 The weather can be brutal (see horizontal rain, 50mph winds).
7 One year they actually had purple shirts. Really? Sorry, not a good color for race shirts.
6 Too many people are OBSESSED with this race. You know who you are.
5 If you don't finish in the top 20 nobody cares.
4 I don’t care about the endless stats, streaks & records. (see #5)
3 $80 entry fee. Enough said.
2 Walking shouldn't be as fast (or faster) than running.
1 There's only one hill.

With that being said, If you're a runner in New England, I'd still recommend you do this race....once.


Deb said...

Nice new tagline... hope it isn't permanent.

Michael said...


Steve Wolfe said...

Ha! I just saw your blog title. Nice.

Chris Mahoney said...

I like this list!

Mike Merra said...

Steve, I'm about a month late in commenting on this post but I couldnt agree more. Both Cathy and I bagged Mt. Washington this year despite the fact we had automatic entries. I'd add 4 more things to your list--(although the fixed lottery is obvious--no names of repeat lottery winners need be mentioned.) More logistics than a space shuttle mission (i.e. you will have 4 in your car coming down or the death penalty), repeated emails reminding you of the complicated logistics, there is not 1 moment of flat running surface where you can even for a second recover, and the scam where Mt. Washington area hotels will not book you that weekend unless you stay for 2 nights (we drove up in 2010). Good bye Mt. Washington.

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