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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strength of Field

One of the two factors I considered for my snowshoe rankings was Strength of Field (SOF). How competitive was the race up front?  It's kind of a measure of how many fast guys showed up and not how tough the course was.
I've tracked 11 snowshoe races so far. Here's how I ranked them:
Rank Race SOF
1 Woodford 98.64
2 Sidehiller 98.61
3 Feel Good Farm 96.68
4 Brave the Blizzard 95.73
5 Turner Trail 95.69
6 Greylock 95.60
7 Pooh Hill 95.33
8 Beaver Brook 94.67
9 Salem Greene 94.36
10 Curlys 93.49
11 Hoot Toot Whistle 90.47

Anyone who was at Sidehiller this past weekend knows this race was stacked! I was surprised Woodford came up #1. A quick look at the results might explain it. Anyways, just another list to talk about :-)
I'm starting to feel like dd with all these numbers!


Kevin said...

Sidehiller was definitely deep. Good prep for Nationals. BTW, I used to mow the lawn at the house at Ferncroft. That reminds me of a story when I got pulled over by a cop on a lawn mower...

Steve Wolfe said...

The lawn looked great :-)
I like stories!

double-d said...

Great stuff! I wrote up something on Monday (but it won't post until Thursday or Friday) on the very same subject. I'd like to see the math behind the numbers. Keep on keepin' on!

Michael said...

Steve - you're second in my "Get a Life" rankings just behind Dave and just a ahead of Jim. Keep at it though, there's still an outside shot that you might finish first. :)

Steve Wolfe said...

So Michael, where does that put you, since you're reading my blog...Talk about 'get a life' :-)

Steve Wolfe said...

But thanks for visiting!

Michael said...

While you're busy "blogging" and "ranking" I'm busy training to beat you. Of course, that's going to take some time since you're all highly ranked and all. :)