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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ten Times Fast

What a great night at track last night. Group 1 had its largest showing of the year with maybe 10 folks stepping up. It definitely is a lot easier doing these workouts with a pack of runners. It's also nice when everyone generally runs consistent laps (like last night), allowing you to seed yourself appropriately and really get into a nice groove.
The workout was 10 x 400's with 200 rest. I think most of the group ran in the low 70's to mid 80's range for the repeats. I had a chance to try out my new shoes, Asics Hyperspeed-4's which arrived in the mail on Monday. Considering I've run in Hyperspeed 2's and 3's previously, it wasn't really that exciting.

The stats:

  1. 400m   77 sec
  2. 400m   76 sec
  3. 400m   76 sec
  4. 400m   76 sec
  5. 400m   75 sec (lots of traffic, which for some reason makes us ran faster)
  6. 400m   76 sec
  7. 400m   76 sec
  8. 400m   75 sec
  9. 400m   73 sec (fast finish on tired legs)
  10. 400m   73 sec (fast finish on tired legs)
 Very pleased with the effort last night, but like I said earlier, a lot has to do with everyone running consistent laps. It helps to avoid the natural desire to want to race folks. Felt strong, felt fast.

Now if I can only get it to translate into running faster in a race :-)

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