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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Built in Rest

I have no such rest period built into my training routine. Coulda woulda shoulda but don't. I continue to subscribe to the time tested, often repeated standby....injury.
Even with the best intentions, I still manage to sneak an injury in every once in a while and last week was my latest installment. Enter the big white toe syndrome.
Anyways, after a solid week off with zero running (or 3 miles in 10 days) I finally hit the roads last night for a very enjoyable 5 mile run...and I didn't hurt anything (or should I say nothing hurt)!
Whoo hoo.
Ahh, it's good to be back :-)


Tami said...

the toenail story was enough for a few weeks, no more injuries please...i am so glad there weren't pictures

DoubleJ said...

h*ll yeah! Woodford - 4.5 mo. away... ;)