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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Running Again

I headed out on the trails last week for some real live running. Yep, after hanging around for over 5 weeks I decided it was time to give running a try. I still had some lingering discomfort but no real pain, and it went surprisingly well.
I ran about 40 minutes on Tuesday in Horse Hill and then did another 45 minutes in Mine Falls on Wednesday before taking a day off to check the damage. Other than being a little out of shape, I actually felt ok. Finally, some progress!
On Friday I headed over to Fort Rock in Exeter. My teammates at acidotic RACING are putting on a trail race called the Exeterra Trail Races on June 20th. I figured I'd go over and check out the trails. Fort Rock is actually two town forests (Henderson-Swasey Town Forest and Oaklands Town Forest) located on oppposite sides of Rt101 connected by a tunnel. I was told to expect some technical trails.
To keep a long story short, I had planned on about 45-50 minutes of running. I spent nearly all my time on the Oaklands side of the highway and ran on some VERY technical trails, some of the best single tracks I've run on in a long time. 1hr and 45 minutes later I finally made it back to my car. I managed to 'misplace my position relative to my car'. Next time I go there I'll bring a GPS watch.


Scotty "PHAT" Graham said...


Glad to hear that your back out running. See you at the "Rock Pile"

Steve Wolfe said...

Thanks Scott. So far I'm taking it easy (well, if you don't count my run at Fort Rock!)

I may be at Mt Washington but I won't be running.

Tami said...

Steve, do you know of a website that lists trail races in our area? I have been running on some trails around here and I am enjoying myself

CHRIS J. DUNN said...

Everyone at acidotic RACING is very happy to hear you're running again.

Steve Wolfe said...

There are several trail series in the area (not necessarily NH though). Check out some of the links in my RUNNING LINKS section.

New England Trail Race Series
Western NH Trail Race Series
WMAC Grand Tree Series

Hope that helps.

Dan said...

Steve, take it slow and don't rush into anything too hard. Stay on the trails. Your body will thank you for it. Just don't run any Grand Tree races. I have enough people kicking my tail so no need to add one more!

Steve Wolfe said...

Dan, although I'd like to stay on the trails, in all honesty there just isn't enough to choose from in my neck of the woods (aka suburbs).

I will say my first race will most likely be a trail race though :-)

ri said...

Hi Steve,

Happy to see you're running again, and that found the trails in Exeter. You should know that getting lost is an initiation at Fort Rock. If you ever want a tour of the area just give me a shout, I live adjacent to the park and do most of my training there.

Hope to see you at the race. It should be fun. You've got a taste of how good the trails are, and you can be sure that the festivities will be of typical Acidotic proportions.


Steve Wolfe said...

I may take you up on your offer sometime. I enjoyed Fort Rock alot, just didn't like the stress that comes with getting misplaced :-)

I hope to make it back in time for your race.