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Friday, March 13, 2009

Race Fees

I was online yesterday looking to sign up for the Great Bay Half Marathon (1st race of the NH Grand Prix) and was amazed how much they charge for the privilege of signing up online. At first I was annoyed the race costs $45. Sure ,you could save a few bucks ($38) if you registered 3 months in advance but who the heck does that? Ok, I don't. To me early registration means I sign up before race day.
Then I was even more annoyed when the online fee was $4.60 or something. Nearly $50 for a half marathon?? When the fee to sign up online is 10% of the cost you have to wonder what's it all for? I would think online registration makes it easier for the race director and timing company. It bugged me bad enough that I printed out a registration and will mail mine instead (for the price of a stamp). Good luck taking the time to open it, hand enter all my information into the computer and cashing my check. Gee, I would have thought you'd price the online stuff to deter this, but what do I know.

To continue on my Andy Rooney rank I wanted to mention the Manchester Half Marathon as well. Although I enjoyed the race last year, I will NOT be running it again. First, their early registration for this November event is the end of May. That's right, to take advantage of the early registration of only $45 you need to sign up 6 months in advance. It then jumps to $55 as long as you register 3 months in advance. Still haven't decided yet? Well if you wait until the last week you'll pay $65, and there's no race day registration. $65 for a half marathon, that's crazy.
At least they recognize the additional work mail in registrations cause. All of the above costs were for online registration so tack on an additional 10% to those numbers. However, tack on an additional $10 if you want to mail it in. That's right, if you wait until September to sign up and you mail in your registration, it'll cost you $75 to run a friggin half marathon. No thanks.


CHRIS J. DUNN said...

Makes $20 for a snowshoe race seem like a steal!

Jim Hansen said...

I want to do the Great Bay Half but the entry fee may keep me out. That is a bit too steep. It would be great to do the whole NHGP race series, but I still haven't decided whether to fork over the money for this one.

DoubleJ said...

I ran 2 whole miles yesterday and cried like a baby the entire time...I'd love to fork over the loot for a half right now...would mean that I was actually running :)

Chris, I finally had some of those Redhooks last night...have to make room around here....there are far too many boxes of beer taking up space here :)

CHRIS J. DUNN said...

Jim, great to hear you're finally diving into some of the barrels of beer you took home this winter. Get yourself healthy...you've got a snowshoe championship to defend (and more beer to win) in 2010!

Tami said...

i couldn't agree with you more. And what's all the money for? As much as I like to race, I am limiting myself this year