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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Running vs Snowshoeing

So, what is the perfect balance between running and snowshoeing? How do you maintain (or preferably improve) your fitness in both without sacrificing either? Heck, is it even possible to do well in both? I have no idea. Not a very informative post, is it.

I did discover an interesting factoid while doing intensive research on the topic, however. Ok, I stumbled upon it while updating my running log. Without any conscious effort my weekly mileage breakdown over the last 3 weeks was as follows:

Run Miles Snow Miles Total Miles Run % Snow % Weekly Increase
25.1 10.5 35.6 71% 29% -
30.6 12.5 43.1 71% 29% 21%
36.7 14.8 51.5 71% 29% 19%

So without even trying I increased my weekly mileage by about 20% each week and still maintained an exact 71% - 29% split between running and snowshoeing. How about that? I have no idea what it means but I thought it was interesting regardless.
Of course now that I'm onto myself I'll totally skew the data this week, guaranteed.

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