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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Still Makes Me Laugh

In June of 2007 I was in Utah with some friends taking part in the Wasatch Back Relay (180 mile, 24hr relay...think Reach the Beach but with bigger mountains). Actually 'taking part' is code for 'van driver' since I was about 6wks out from my latest knee surgery of 2007 (have I mentioned how much 2007 really sucked?). Anyways, the day after the relay a bunch of us decided to go for a hike up Sunset Peak near Brighton, Utah. Now this was near the end of June and there was snow everywhere in the mountains. After summitting someone had the bright idea of taking a beeline 'trail' back down to Lake Catherine. Of course the beeline was all snow and VERY steep. It turned into quite an adventure since most of my teammates were from the popular ski states of Florida and Texas. Take a look as Brian (white shirt, Texas) shows us how it's done, followed by George (Florida, orange shirt). And yes, that's me you can hear gasping for air in the background.

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