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Monday, December 22, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

SNOW. Except for a couple of hours early Sunday morning, I think it snowed continually from about 2pm Friday until sometime late last night. I like snow but even I was getting tired of it.

I spent a couple of hours on Saturday clearing more trails in Horse Hill Nature Preserve (where I do about 90% of my snowshoeing). Made some decent progress, especially on some of my favorite trails. No running at all to speak of, mostly because it was too dangerous (poorly plowed roads, no visibility and a town full of stupid drivers).

Sunday wasn't much better (from a running point of view). I went back out to HHNP in the morning for 1 1/2hrs of snowshoeing and trail clearing and then returned again late in the day for another 1 3/4hrs of JUST snowshoeing. Very little running since I was breaking trails in knee deep snow (18-20"). The lack of running didn't make it any easier. Racing shoes are pretty much worthless in 20" of fluffy snow, but they do make great snow scoops as was evident with each step. Another 15 minutes out there and I may have chucked my Dions into the beaver swamp.

Today was a recovery day, tomorrow I'm back to training (hopefully a few miles on the road and a few miles on the snowshoes). Plenty of time to play since I'm off for 16 days! Woo Hoo.

PS: Care to guess what color blazing they use in most trails in HHNP? Look real close in the picture above. Hint: it's the same color as the stuff falling from the sky, in the trees and on the ground. No more hints.


Tami said...

we got 25+ inches over the weekend here in Meredith....i have had enough already, i think the plow guys forgot how to plow

Steve W said...

Of course that's knee deep snow with snowshoes on! I'd like to think these things have at least SOME flotation so we probably have close to 2ft in some sections.

DoubleJ said...

Steve... love the photo at the top of the site... very cool. I got my girl a pair of Tubbs for xmas...I still don't have a pair of racing shoes of my own yet. I think I'm gonna try to buy a pair off of dion if he sells them at Woodford this weekend. Are you still planning on running the Millennium Mile? If so, good luck!