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Downtown Temple,NH

Monday, September 8, 2008

Reach the Beach is on deck...

Reach the Beach is this week and I can't wait. It ranks up there as one of my absolute favorite running events. This 200+ mile relay from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach is well run top to bottom and once the race starts there's very little to complain about (other than the weather of course).

They've made some changes to the start times this year in order to spread out the field and avoid bottlenecks (although I'm not sure this is ever possible). The changes affect us directly since we'll be starting 1 1/2hrs later than last year with roughly the same team (from a pace point of view).

Rested and ready to go!


Jim Hansen said...

Good Luck, Steve, to you and your team. Have fun! You're in great shape this year so don't get hurt and have a good marathon later in the year!

Steve W said...

Thanks Jim!
Weather looks decent and I can't wait to get started.
I'll be back at the track next week.