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Monday, August 18, 2008

One and Done isn't so bad...

I made it through my one and only triathlon for the season this past weekend. It didn't suck as much as I thought it would considering my total lack of non-running training. I completed the Timberman Sprint Triathlon in 1:20:23 good for 115th overall out of about 1,000 competitors.

It was my slowest finish so far at this event but I actually feel pretty good about the results. I didn't even get on a bike or get in the water until nearly July of this year. Oh yeah, that means I had a grand total of about 6 weeks of training. But wait, there's more! I really didn't even take advantage of that time to actually DO any serious training. I managed to get in just over 200 total miles on the bike and about 5 total miles in the water.

The splits were:

1/3 mile swim 9:33
15 mile bike 49:50 (18.1 mph)
3 mile run 17:27 (5:49 pace)

Two things have held true in nearly all (if not all) triathlons I've ever done:
  1. No one has ever finished ahead of me with a slower bike split
  2. I've never been passed on the run
The streak continues...

Someday I might actually train a little more :-)
or maybe not.

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