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Friday, June 27, 2008

June Update

It's been a while since I posted last on the blog. June has been a little hectic and I haven't found the time to post about some of the happenings over the last month or so.
At some point I'll post a bit more info on some of the races but for now here's the summary post:

Volunteered at Pack Monadnock 10-mile Race. Someday I'll actually run this one.

Traveled to Wisconsin for 5 days to run in the Madison-Chicago 200 Mile Relay. My team place 5th overall. Lots of stories from this one.

Had a birthday and thought I was 45 (I'm not, I'm only 44).

Ran in the Mt Washington Road Race. I had an ok time (1:30) but was not satisfied with my result or effort.

Ran in the 1st two Mine Falls 5m Trail races (held every Monday night for about 10 weeks this summer).

In addition I've been working on my relay teams website and hope to have that completed in a few days.

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